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Here are a few pics of my latest quasi-review for IPMSUSA  - 1/700 US Crane Barge YD-72 from Lion Roar. Resin/photoetched steel kit with minimal instructions (definitely test-fit before glueing).

One photo of actual crane barge attached. OOB since it was a quasi-review kit, warts and all.


Dragon has been making two-ship boxes of WW2 Destroyers, and finally, the numerous Benson-Gleaves class (the precursor to the Fletcher class) is available in styrene, not just yucky resin kits. These are OOB (except for the flags), because they were for review. And I used aftermarket 5in turrets (except for the canvas-covered Mount 3, which if you look carefully, has a shorter, thicker barrel).

In an apparent quirk to satisfy shipbuilders who like and dislike full hull models, they made one ship full hull and the other waterline (which I most greatly prefer). Now I have a project to slice off the hull for one of these to revert back to a waterline version - there was not the option to build both waterline or full hull or either. Been wanting to refit these with better to-scale parts, railing, etc.

1/700 Dragon USS Livermore/Monssen



Luke Bucci